Buffalo MiniStation Extreme with US Military Standard Protection

Data storage devices not only offer a large capacity space, but also the exclusive application. As for the data lock, data encryption, backup, encourage transfer speeds up to offer a world-class protection. Such as those offered by besutan Buffalo MiniStation Extreme, which uses US military standard for protection from impact or the so-called MIL-SPEC Shock Protection.

This protection system is protected by a layer chassis and dampers that have been specially designed to keep your data intact if accidentally bumped or dropped from a distance of 1.Buffalo MiniStation Extreme2 meters. In the test, CHIP agreed requests from distributors to conduct tests that are not usually done, that is by using a 4-wheel vehicle ran over and doused with water. And amazingly, MiniStation Extreme can still survive with a little shift in the body frame and terbaret. However, overall the MiniStation Extreme is still intact and functioning properly.

Security MiniStation Extreme increasingly equipped thanks to AES-256bit encryption protection to guard against unwanted access. Not only pay attention to the safety aspect, MiniStation Extreme also pay attention to the speed of data transfer performance by providing an exclusive application called TurboPC EX. This exclusive application of an impact that can be fairly significant.


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