Brillo Google’s New OS for Internet of Things

according to reports, Google will release the operating system for the Internet of Things. special operating system for the Internet of Things (IOT). The operating system will be based on Android and named Brillo. The internet search giant will introduce Brillo in the event Google I / O.

Brilio google project

Brilio google project

According to some information, Brillo will be reserved for devices with lower specifications, a minimum of 32MB or 64MB RAM. Brillo presence will certainly make it easier for developers to create device IOT.Brillo promised can be used on a variety of devices. By running this operating system, each device will be able to communicate with each other. Google is rumored to be free operating systems such as Android.

Chip maker, also makes the solution IOT ARM mbed through the OS. Last week, Microsoft has announced Windows 10 for the IOT. And yesterday, Huawei announced the presence of the operating system called LiteOS IOT.Brilio currently still in the development stage. If it is so, we will see not only in the Android smart phone, tablet, or computer All-in-One, but also a refrigerator, coffee maker, heating, and others.


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