BlackBerry announces new Internet of Things platform at CES 2015

blackberry IoT Platform

blackberry IoT Platform

BlackBerry go jump into the industry Internet of Things (IOT) with the launch of IOT platform that consists of device software, cloud services, and data interface. Announced at CES 2015, IOT BlackBerry platform was originally targeted for the automotive industry and asset tracking.

BlackBerry IOT platform incorporates technology from QNX software system that provides software for systems in automobiles, industrial applications and medical equipment, with a secure cloud infrastructure network and lifecycle management of BlackBerry devices.

IOT BlackBerry Platform combines technologies that have put the BlackBerry become a leader in mobile data security and industrial embedded systems,” said Matt Hoffman (VP Strategy and Marketing, BlackBerry Technology Solutions)

The foundation of the platform is the BlackBerry IOT messaging system that has the scalability and reliability that are used for storage and indexing (indexing) data. This system serves as the center of all the exchange of messages for all the services and features on this platform.

Platforms IOT BlackBerry originally targeted for industries with a high degree of mobility and to manage high value resources, including the shipping industry and the automotive market. Platform for asset tracking and connected car applications is the first step in the strategy of the BlackBerry to develop a strategy of IOT. BlackBerry IOT platform will also be extended to the smart energy sector and the health sector.


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