Bioo Lite can charges Your SmartPhone Using power of photosynthesis Plant

Arkyne Technologies creates smartphone charger shaped pot which they call by name Bioo Lite. Bioo Lite is also no need for an electrical outlet to charge the smartphone. Instead, this pot-shaped charger only requires the plant.
Bioo Lite
they revealed that homemade smartphone charger is designed to be able to capture the energy of photosynthesis in plants that further exploited to charge the smartphone battery. Any cell phone owner can then charge the smartphone or tablet via USB cable provided in this plant pot shaped charger.

Arkyne Technologies also claims that the charger Bioo homemade Lite can be used for charging the smartphone three times in one day. Smartphone battery charging process can be done anytime, day or night. But compared to other chargers, Bioo Lite has a relatively small output, with voltage of 3.5 volts and a current of 0.5 amperes.

In addition, the Arkyne explaining that each plant produces electrical energy differently. So the charging process is performed also depends on the type of plants used. Additionally, Bioo Lite is only able to work if you use plants that are still alive.


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