bionic leaf 2.0 that covert Sunlight into liquid fuel

2.0 leaf bionic project is a continuation of a similar project carried out in 2013. And even this bionic leaves not only have the ability more efficient than photosynthesis, but also can produce a fluid that can be used for fuel. It became the first achievement in the development of the technology world.

bionic leaf 2.0Project 2.0 bionic leaf is led by Daniel Nocera along with Pamela Silver, who is a professor of biochemistry and systems biology at Harvard Medical School. Bionic leaf developed the first generation in 2013 can absorb sunlight which is then used to decompose water and produce hydrogen gas and oxygen. Thanks to the addition of special bacteria, bionic leaf 2.0 can convert hydrogen into liquid fuel.

In this study, Nocera uses a mixture of cobalt catalyst phosphorus. This catalyst can convert sunlight into biomass with an efficiency rate of 10 percent. And higher efficiency rate was 10 times that which occurs in nature. And it also plans to continue to develop this technology so that it can have a higher efficiency again.


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