Best up Coming Drone Models 2016 – Part 2


With spectacular promo video, Lily has place in public heart. With foldable propellers and a waterproof body, you can simply bring it in back pack and have no worry into the water.

Because it has no controller, you can just using a tracking device’ to make Lily flies itself follow you anywhere you go. This makes you easy doing anything else like skiing, cycling, etc. Unfortunately, there’s no obstacle avoidance, so better to prepare yourself for potential crash, you can always hit the pause button. For filming in static position you can put this amazing drone in a hover mode.

Shoot 1080p up to 60fps, stabilisation all done digitally. For being attantion, its battery isn’t removable. For pre-order you can pay about $699, but statistically increasing if it on sale, May 2016.

Lily drone

Hexo +

Instead of Quad copter, Hexo + has six rotors and designed to make your GoPro fly. It’s much like 3DR Solo, but its price includes a three-axis gimbals. As we know The Solo cost $999, plus $400 for the gimbals, but Hero + only price about $1349.

You can choose 100 camera movements, which suits for your need, there are: Follow, Hover, 360, Slide in, Slide sideways, and Reveal. Grab it now, because this magnificent product on sale now!



Only with $1295 you’ll get drone, gimbal and AirLeash (tracking device). But the Go Pro excluding from this package. If you want then you have to pre-order it, because its already sold out until three batches.

Like any quard blash, this drone is self-flying but doesn’t have obstacle avoidance. Another bad news is, there’s no close integration with GoPro so that you can’t change settings remotely.



As you can guess from its name, this one of some Chinese drone manufacturer. Completed with Qualcomm Snapdragon Flight board makes it significant because integrates many components from different manufacturers will lead into lighter, smaller, cheaper drone with fly for longer capability.

It’s based on the Snapdragon 801 processor, has Adreno 330 GPU, Hexagon DSP, 2×2 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4 and GNSS (GPS) for high accurancy positioning. Moreover it suppor 4K video processing with 720p encofing. This amazing product even can handle optic flow cameras and extra sensors which can be used for avoiding obstacles.

Yuneec  drone

VPC Racing

For whom concerned in speed and manoeuvrability, this racing drone is an answer. This also can be clasified as modern remote cotrolled car, which give you experience in see the view from the drone’s camera only by using goggles. That’s why it’s called FPV as you can get first person view as you are really on board.

VPC Racing drone


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