Best up Coming Drone Models 2016 – Part 1

As we know that 2015 was one of the golden year for –Drone, Quad copter, Flying Camera or whatever you call- some of great Drone like 3DR Solo and DJI Phantom 3. But it isn’t over yet, the quad copters innovations still grow with the launching of GoPro Karma and Parrot fixed-wing craft.

Here are some of other best launching quad copters in 2016.

  1. Phantom 3 4K

DJI answer challenge for build a better camera on cheaper quad copters in a new model of Phantom 3 range. Instead of using more expensive Lightbridge system in the P3 Professional, the Phantom 3 4K uses Wi-Fi to established it’s perform in 4K video and photography with affordable price. All the features still attached in this version like intelligent flight modes, including Follow Me and Point of Interest It’s cost £80 higher than Phantom 3 Standard and already available from Wex Photographic for £699. Release on January 2006.

DJI Phantom

2. GoPro Karma

Go Pro keeping loyal on the Karma to not develop any photos on it. Most user said that it can’t represent the real thing. Even in GoPro’s lastest teaser video, it has blurred out the reflection of Karma in the skier’s goggles.

What make it Go Pro a Pro is its ability to record in 4K – probably at the frames rates higher than 30 fps on the slo-mo section with better quality while on the move and stabilized footage.Will be Release on 2016 (month unconfirmed).

go pro karma

3. Parrot Disco

Parrot Disco has only propeller in this section. This fixed-wing drone can reach, say, 50mph only by controller from Smartphone. Complement by 14 Mp camera like Bepop 2, its ability to fly up to 45 minutes.

Any benefit for buying this product its storage about 32GB and compatible with Parrot’s Sky Controller. This wonderful product predicted will be made at the end of this year, with no word on price yet.

Parrot Disco drone


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