Awsome Flyboard Air unveiled by Franky Zapata

Flyboard AirFlyboard Air  introduced by Frank Zapata is indeed a bit like a surfboard belongs to the Green Goblin, and was named Flyboard Air. The man who is also the owner of Zapata Racing also showed off a video recently uploaded.

But quite unfortunate because Zapata did not disclose details on the specifications of the sled makes. When viewed in flight, sled, is clearly using the once powerful turbine rotation, to lift the sliding board. Even he did not explain how the sled can fly.

Fire he says that Flyboard Air is able to fly up to an altitude of 10,000 feet or about 3,048 meters, and sped up to 150 kilometers per hour. Nevertheless, it seems to be very dangerous when used by people who have not experienced, since it seems there is no security at all on this Air Flyboard.

Although still a prototype, Zapata said it will continue to develop this Air Flyboard sled. Even some netizens through the official Facebook page said Zapata Racing also can not wait to taste the permissibility of this Air Flyboard.


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