Apple A9 Chipset To Be Manufactured By TSMC this month

Apple A9

Apple A9

Apple A8 chipset used on the previous generation iPhone, the iPhone 6 is produced by TSMC. And what about the Apple A9 chipset that will be used by the iPhone 6s and will be available in a few months?

According to recent reports from reliable sources, TSMC will still hold a production base of this chipset has completed trial production of Apple A9 chip. In fact, according to the report, TSMC managed to produce chipsets with amazing results from the latest chipset made by Samsung. Not only that, TSMC is also able to reduce production costs become lower Apple A9. The report adds that even Apple A9 chip performance artificial TSMC manufactured using 16nm process there is no difference with the Samsung-made chipsets that are manufactured using a 14nm process.

With these results, it is not possible estimates of KGI Securities analyst MingChi Kuo who had said that TSMC will only be given 30% of Apple A9 terpentalkan chipset business, because the results of this trial could change the situation. As is known, the information has previously said that Apple wants to hand over most of the production of Apple A9 chipset to Samsung. Unfortunately, it is unclear whether Apple is going to hand over most of the production A9 chipset Apple to Samsung, or handed over entirely to TSMC. Or even Apple will produce some big chip Apple A9. But for TSMC itself is said to begin mass producing A9 chip Apple this month.


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