Android Marshmallow Have Problems on Display

Google has launched their latest operating system, Android Marshmallow. Of course, with a variety of additional features, all devices that use this operating system ranging from smartphones, smartwatch, media player, and so forth will be more convenient to use. However, it looks like the convenience of it plagued with bugs that have recently fuss in cyberspace.

From various forums, news came that their newly purchased device with the Android operating system or upgrade Marshmallow see that they like opaque screen. Color emitted is not sharp and the like have artifacts. And it turns out, it is because the RGB color range Marshmallow reduced. Previous RGB ranges from 0 to 255, and the Marshmallow in the limit becomes 16-235.

This of course makes the black color becomes too dark on most screens, especially on the OLED screen. Fortunately, Google knows this bug problem and will fix it in the next version of Android Marshmallow. Google also identify these problems exist on the Nexus Player, 5X Nexus and Nexus 6P. And for those who experience this problem, check the system updates your device until there is a new update.


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