AMD to Introduce Zen Based Processors in Late 2016

AMD wants to prepare their latest processors with mature, so as to compete with Intel. As reported by Guru3D, Thursday (21/01/2016), AMD will reportedly release a Zen AMD processors in the near future. At a recent conference held by AMD, Lisa Su, CEO of AMD said that AMD processors upscale, Summit Ridge which has a form of Zen will be released in late 2016.

Lisa also said that the latest AMD processors bring increased quite dramatically, ie by 40% per clock, compared with the previous series. He also hoped, not only used for mulitmedia computers and gaming, AMD will also be issued a Zen processor architecture to the server computer.

AMD 2016One of the highest ranks of the latest AMD processors, Summit Ridge, will use 14nm fabrication which is denser and more power efficient. But despite the power saving, it is mentioned that the performance of AMD Zen is not kidding. Socket used is also new, ie the socket AM4, which is where all the latest AMD processors are the same, unlike its predecessor, which differ between the processor with the socket FM2 APU + and AM3 +.

At least there is no certainty of AMD on their latest processors. So for those who want to build a new computing devices can save gaharnya first to feel the performance of AMD‘s Zen.


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