AMD Rodeon’s next-generation Polaris GPU will use Two Types of Memory

AMD Radeon 2AMD Radeon graphics processors has introduced its latest products at the annual event CES 2016. No half-hearted, AMD also provided a test with a VGA card which is equivalent to Nvidia GeForce GTX 950, which was tested using the game Star Wars: Battlefront 2015. AMD graphics card capable provide FPS similar to the GeForce GTX 950, but more power efficient. Graphics capability, named Polaris, thanks to the new architecture 14nm FinFET.

Well at the beginning of the announcement, AMD did not give details of special specifications on this Polaris GPU, because it seems AMD is deliberately wanted to give a surprise. But this time there is new information about Polaris GPU from AMD, which was reported by WCCFtech, Saturday (16/01/2016), that the AMD Radeon will use two types of memory on the GPU Polaris.

AMD Radeon

AMD Radeon

The first is the type of High Bandwidth Memory 2 (HBM 2) Which type of memory is capable of providing enormous bandwidth, but still efficient and low-power use. As we know that HBM‘s own memory has been used by the VGA card of AMD Radeon series R9 Fury X, which provide performance that is quite promising, especially gaming at 4K resolution. By using the memory type of HBM, the resulting bandwidth is able to achieve 3x.

HBM memory 2 is not yet known how it performs, but if the view of the results of the test, HBM 2 is likely to provide a promising performance. But not just any AMD, Nvidia reportedly also being glanced at the memory usage of this type of HBM 2 on the newest graphics cards.

Then there is the type of GDDR5 memory that will be used in mainstream class graphics card. Surely we have to know this type of memory because it is still widely used, both by AMD or Nvidia. AMD marketing chief engineer, Robert Hallock, said that the use of memory on the GPU Polaris is very flexible, stay segment what will be targeted later. HBM such as memory usage for the top segment, and GDDR5 for mainstream classes.


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