AMD launches Embedded R-Series processors SoC

AMD Launches Embedded R-Series processors latest build leadership performance across a wide range of targets the needs of embedded application market for digital signage, retail signage, medical imaging, electronic gaming, media storage and communication and networking.
AMD R series
Designed to meet the needs of embedded processor incorporates AMD‘s 64-bit x86 CPU cores (Excavators) version, plus a GPU Graphics Core Next architecture of a third generation, and advanced power management to reduce energy consumption. AMD‘s innovation and technology to provide industry-leading performance and feature-feature graphics integrated essential for next-generation designs.

Single-chip system-onchip (SOC) enables small form factor board and design a simplified system of clients AMD and platform providers third party development, while providing amazing graphics and multimedia capabilities, including the ability for hardware accelerated decode for 4K video playback.

With a series of strong support for peripherals and interface options, high-end graphics AMD Radeon, designed for the industry with the first certification heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA), and support for DDR4 memory latest, AMD R-Series SOC latest cover all the needs of the broad market and clients.

With the latest generation of AMD Radeon graphics card and the latest multimedia technology integrated on the chip, the AMD Embedded RSeries GPU SOC delivers improved performance and support for High Efficiency Video Encoding (HEVC) 1 to 4K full decode and DirectX 12.

AMD Embedded RSeries SOC GPU offers increased performance 22 percent when compared with the 2nd generation AMD Embedded RSeries APU2 and 58 percent edge against Intel Core i7 Broadwell when running graphics-intensive benchmarks.


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