AMD Introduces New A-Series Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) in May

AMD is preparing processor Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) Kaveri successor. In fact, according to a release time said information will not be long before that around the month of May. Then, as if the successor Kaveri?

amd processor Accelerated Processing Unit

amd processor Accelerated Processing Unit

Based on the same source mentioned processor Kaveri successor will bear the Godavari password. The advantages of this processor is compared Kaveri has brought the use of the CPU core architecture named Excavator. Plus AMD also has equipped the latest graphics technology Graphics CoreNext (GCN) 1.2 on stream processors in the graphics chip.

Godavari certainly have a higher performance than the Kaveri, both computing and graphics capabilities. Unfortunately, no further information about the percentage increase in performance when compared with the Kaveri. AMD is also called will immerse controller to handle the use of RAM DDR3 and PCIe 3.0 on the Godavari. So did about the use of the socket, said Godavari will also carry FM2 + platform.

possibility 2015 is the last year AMD 28 nm fabrication wear. Because of the news circulated AMD APU called intends to release 14 nm processors first in the year 2016 with a password Summit Ridge. AMD will reportedly took Samsung to manufacture processors that its 14 nm. But Samsung is not alone because AMD will continue to rely on a number of production quotas at Global Foundries processor that has become its partner for a long time.


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