Amazon Prime Air Test Shipping Package

amazon Prime AirAmazon Prime Air delivery system was first announced in 2013 and continues to be developed to improve customer satisfaction Amazon. The Amazon-owned delivery system, Prime Air, was released officially in November last year. Stages for the sake of the stages are made to continue to improve this delivery system.

Now, Amazon has just announced that they will cooperate with the UK Government and the UK Civil Aviation Authority to test the development of delivery systems Amazon Prime Air. The trial was conducted on the testing of drones operating outside predetermined limits (including rural areas), testing the sensors to avoid obstacles that arise, and testing the operation of multiple drones by a single pilot.

Vice President Amazon, Paul Misener said, “Using drones small package delivery will increase customer satisfaction, create new jobs in a rapidly growing industry, and pioneered the method of continuous delivery of new ones to meet demand in the future”, he also added “England are very support the use of drone technology to the delivery system will benefit consumers, industry and the public “.

Amazon also said delivery system using drones will be implemented as soon as possible debut this year, has also set a maximum time limit for delivery of 30 minutes with a maximum weight of approximately 25 kilograms.


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