A10 SoC Apple to Develop Next Generation iPhone

Reporting from the latest news, reportedly Cupertino-based company will use it on their latest devices in 2016. From the information coming from the country of origin Panda microblogging site, Weibo also said that Apple A10 SoC will be planted 6 core alias hexa core.

Apple SocIt also said that it will carry the A10 SoC in 14nm or 10nm fabrication. Obviously with this fabrication will save more power, but does not reduce the performance of the SoC itself. Not only that, Apple reportedly A10 will focus on multi-processor burdensome process, so hopefully in this SoC, for applications that use multiple processors can run more optimally.

Probably still too early to talk about this, as well as Apple has just released its latest smartphone, the SoC is also still a rumor. There has been no further clarification of Apple’s own party on this news.
But it never hurts to keep abreast of any developments and innovations that will be present on the device Apple their next creation.


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