New Raspberry Pi Zero, Cost Just $5

single board computer the past few years is being rapidly adopted. Especially in the world of robotics and programming is also lightweight. We may have known the Raspberry Pi or Arduino, or other single board computer. Well now circulating again one of the products of Raspberry, Raspberry Pi is Zero. Raspberry Pi Zero who recently physically slight change, namely slimmer and shorter. In addition, there is also the processor from Broadcom BCM2835, which is where the processor is 40% faster than the first generation Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi Zero For its own RAM does not much like the Raspberry Pi 2, which is only 512MB with the type of RAM used is LPDDR2. There are also two micro USB ports are used as input power and purpose of the data, a mini HDMI port, and a micro SD slot. Do not miss the 40 pieces GPIO pin compatible with the use of additional accessories used in the Raspberry Pi A +, B +, or 2B. Raspberry Pi Zero size is smaller, only dimensions 65mm x 30mm x 5mm, which this measure does not exceed the size of a credit card, then there is no Ethernet port as other serial Raspberry Pi. So for connections can take advantage of a micro USB port using a USB WiFi dongle. For those who still ask, how much does the ability of the Raspberry Pi has the small size of this? Single board computer can be used to make home automation like, turn on the lights over the Internet, or open automatic garage that can be opened via a smartphone, with access via the web, so it can be controlled remotely. Or be a server for streaming media in the home. For the price, Zero Raspberry Pi is much cheaper than the single board computer that is currently circulating. At some sites, Raspberry Pi Zero set a price of $ 5. For the operating system, Zero Raspberry Pi can run Raspbian, such as those used in other Raspberry Pi device.


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