360Fly Action Cam Golf Ball-Sized Camera

360fly360fly action camera is more like a golf ball with a size larger than the size of a normal golf ball. 360fly spherical camera on the camera can take a picture of what is happening around you at the same time and its single lens can record all that is within range of the sensor.

360fly camera can be mounted on a helmet and you can record directly from all sides. When finished taking pictures you want, you can directly connect to the applications that can be downloaded on the smartphone or gadgets. Hold your smartphone or gadgets aligned and then head to rotate your body 360 degrees to be able to see your back side. To be able to feel the sensation of VR, VR use the gadget in your head, launch applications in VR mode and then move your head in any direction you want and you will feel the sensation as being directly involved in the recording of images or video.
360fly camera
With 360fly action camera application on a smartphone, you can edit your recordings and share them on social media accounts. For maximum results, you can uploading the recordings to 360fly website and the website will automatically process the embed code making it easier to share recordings on your blog and give the sensation of experience 360-degree virtual images from different viewpoints.

This action camera is designed for waterproof and can be brought diving to a depth of 5 meters. This action camera has a resolution of 1500 × 1500 at 30 frames per second, although the clarity and sharpness of images and video footage can not be compared with the latest smartphone cameras today.


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